News: Chocolate And Diamonds

choloates and diamonds

BOISE – From chocolate to wine, roses and diamonds several lovebirds are getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

It’s a night out at the Discovery Center of Idaho where adults get to indulge in the finer things in life. “It gets up to the consistency that you can mold it into little balls,” said Jennifer Justice as she was demonstrating how to make chocolate truffles.

Making truffles is one thing chocoholics can learn how to do and although it may seem easy, Justice says it’s actually pretty time consuming. “For the average person in their own kitchen making truffles it’s a several day process,” said Justice.

But Wednesday night people didn’t have to wait for the truffles to form they were ready for everyone to sample. “You get all the chocolate you can stuff in your mouth and there are goodies to eat and there are drinks and you get to play with the toys and try on those great diamonds,” said event goer, Lee-Anne Tanaka.

Tanaka was one of many women trying on a $128,000.00 ring. With a price tag that hefty, several couples gambled on diamond roulette, hoping to win a diamond valued at $2,000.00. “We’re trying for the diamond on the roulette table and if we don’t come away with the diamond we’ll at least get a Cubic Zirconia,” said event goer, Chuck Halligan.

“We looked at a lot of diamonds and I already got to try them on. I tried on the $128,000.00 ring that was pretty fun,” said Tanaka. However, Tanaka’s husband says he’s glad she had fun trying it on because it’s not something she’ll be taking home.

This marked the first annual Chocolate and Diamonds event at the Discovery Center of Idaho.