Kris Nations’ Pretty Hairpin Collection

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Jewelry is worn in many ways. Rings, necklaces and bracelets are the more traditional pieces but toe rings, ankle bracelets and hairpins have become popular mainstays of women’s jewelry boxes as well. Luckily there are many designers and types of jewelry from which to choose. One funky and whimsical designer, Kris Nations, created her first collection in 2004 distributing pieces to San Francisco boutiques. Growing in popularity over the years, she now supplies over eighty specialty boutiques with her unique inventory.

Although Kris’ pins are rightfully classified in the bridal section, as many brides wear the hairpins with hats and veils, more women are choosing to wear hairpins in order to add pizzazz to their outfits. And hairpins complement any outfit. Choose a delightful flower motif, sterling silver pin of light green jade, red jade, black onyx, quartz crystal, smokey quartz, or rose quartz.

For a more delicate image, the Mother of Pearl pin is stunning placed either over the ear or in the back of an upswept hairdo. Four gorgeous petals created from mother of pearl with a center cluster of white freshwater pearls make this pin one of Kris’ best selling pieces.

If you want to create a spectacular display in your hair, then choose the four pin set in a cascading design. Tiny freshwater pearls and crystals entwined in silver make this a classic bridal head trimming. And you can understand why this is a bridal collection when you see the sensational pearl and crystal hair band. Finished off with soft white velvet ribbon, this pretty headpiece is perfect when a wedding tiara is too elaborate.

For whatever occasion you wear these lovely hairpins, you will look beautiful.

Park Lane Jewelry E-Mail

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