Earrings For Men

earrings for men

When it comes to diamond earrings, men sure aren’t missing out on the fun! In fact, diamond earrings are most popular among men’s earrings beside plain gold and silver. Even though the diamond stud is most often seen on a man’s ear lobe, they can wear diamond hoops and diamond huggies too, though rare.

The most popular diamond stud is the round cut with our male genders, since a princess cut or heart shaped diamond will rob them of their masculinity. Unlike other things, when it comes to diamond studs, sizes matter!

Usually a man would wear something smaller than half a carat, with a third of a carat being the most popular choice and a quarter carat being the most affordable. To them, a larger stone looks more feminine. But there are some who would go for larger diamonds, especially when it becomes a cultural thing.

Diamond huggies and hoops are rarely seen on men. But nowadays nothing’s considered forbidden territory by anything, so don’t be too shocked when you do see a macho man wearing those. Earrings are an important part of anyone’s jewelry collection. If you don’t have big hoop earrings, gold hoop earrings, white gold hoop earrings, golden earrings and such, then you don’t have a REAL jewelry collection!