Where To Buy Loose Diamonds

Knowledge has leveled the playing field!


The universally accepted GIA diamond grading system, along with diamond grading reports, have had the effect of slightly “commoditizing” diamonds. When something has become a commodity, it will have the same quality regardless of it’s source, so price will become the determining factor. Copper is copper, a ton of wheat is a ton of wheat, etc.

If I am looking to buy a Sony HD-TV model ABC-123, all of these models that come off of Sony’s production line will be identical, so it is easy to search around town and go online to check pricing of this TV. Based on the pricing and availability of this TV, I can then make my decision.

Diamonds are a bit different because you cannot get the diamonds to be consistently identical. If you go online and do a search for a 0.50ct. SI1 G Round Brilliant Cut diamond you will find a group of diamonds that will sell for between $900 to about $1300.

These diamonds come with diamond grading reports, but they do vary in price, which means that there is a slight variation in their qualities. I think these are pretty good prices on these types of diamonds but unlike the TV this would be a blindfolded choice as to which one you should buy.

If you went to a local retail diamond jewelry store you might be able to see a selection of diamonds and your eyes will help you make the decision as to which diamond is best because each diamond is slightly different.

Getting a good balance of quality and price….

I will help you examine where to buy loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. Each distribution channel will have it’s good and bad points… and some will not be practical or possible. You know that probably the easiest thing to do would be to go into Tiffanys and take 10 minutes to pick out a nice piece of diamond jewelry. Job done, and you got a winner! But it will probably cost you.

If you are looking to save some money, get a bit better diamond for your money, or just trying to understand as much about what you are buying as possible… then it will require some work. I know that is why you are here.

Check out the other pages in this category to see what seems best for you. I will work hard to help you find out where to buy loose diamonds or diamond jewelry. It might be buying loose diamonds online, or buying diamond jewelry on eBay, or it just might be buying a diamond engagement ring at a local retail diamond jewelry store.

Here’s a good reference list you can check up on: http://beyond4cs.com/2016/01/best-online-diamond-retailers/

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– Important Take Away Points –

#1- When you decide where to buy your diamond don’t forget that one of the most important components will be the diamond grading reports. Stick with a report from a good lab and it will help to reassure that you are making an informed decision.

#2- Try not to focus totally on price. It can leave you open to being deceived…. there are other things to consider. Besides factoring in a certain level of service don’t forget that a diamond from a well known source could add quite a bit of cachet to your new bling.

It is a extra added emotional value when you can say that you bought a diamond from a well known impressive name jewelry outlet verses a diamond that was bought at Costco, Sam’s Club, or ultra-cheap-diamonds.com